Meet the Team

Meet the Team

David Pomerico joined Harper Voyager in Spring 2014 as Editorial Director, coming from Spectra, Del Rey, and, most recently, 47North, where he helped launch the imprint. He is focused on all things science fiction and fantasy and very excited to be heading up Harper Voyager US! He’s currently working with authors such as Richard Kadrey, Michael R. Fletcher, and Warren Hammond.

Fun Fact : David—despite his love of science fiction—has never seen an episode of Dr. Who, and is unsure you can convince him to change that status.

Kelly O’Connor, assistant editor, joined Harper Voyager in May 2013 and currently focuses on commercial fantasy, military science fiction and dark fantasy. She is currently working with authors such as Beth Cato, Alex Gordon, Ian Douglas, and Viola Carr.

Fun Fact : Kelly can quote the entire Princess Bride movie from heart, and will do so (gladly) at request. And while she is a Doctor Who fan, she skips almost every episode with a Dalek in it.

Rebecca Lucash, editorial assistant, joined Harper Voyager in June 2013 and focuses on urban and contemporary fantasy, epic fantasy, and character-driven science fiction. She is currently working with authors such as Tim Lees, Laura Bickle, Kelley Grant, Bishop O’Connell, and Lexie Dunne.

Fun Fact : A former Medieval Studies major, Rebecca has probably read a few more Icelandic sagas than is considered healthy.  Her pet peeve is, and will forever be, when characters flap the reins to make their horses gallop.